Saturday, 30 November 2013

Aarushi Murder

The parents of Aarushi are sentenced for life time.The gruesome murder of their own 14 year kid unfurled a new bunch of questions,especially regarding the treatment of siblings.The parents of Aarushi are not rural ridden people with so called superstitions or stigmas.They are educated,science is known,human anatomy in particular..!In case,Aarushi was caught with Hemraj,they could have sent her other distant place or given some fitting counselling or something like that.

As parents,they can do it,no body would object them in the matter of giving instructions even though which may be a bit severe one either.But what happened , they killed them brutally..can they get back their lives..and what the luxury now these are enjoying themselves..?Yes,children may come from parents...but it does not allow them to take their lives ,on any severe charges.

Some news revealed that Aarushi parents (The Talwars) are members of a wife swapping club.Before murders, a concerned party was also taken place in the house.There are apparently some loop holes.No biological fluids,finger prints or any other witness.Surgical instruments are mainly used for the murders.

If Aarushi was murdered due to sexual affair with Hemraj,the punishment that was given by her parents is so cruel to let them off.We can't believe  the stories of  alleged honor killing,particularly in this case.If it was done due to her knowledge about the extra-marital relations of  her parents,even then also one should not justify the murders of two people.

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