Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Local Papers

Wherever I go,I keep searching for small town papers or local publications,however small they are ,two pages or ten pages.Local papers have their own special flavor in presenting news,analysis and other interesting items.Sometimes they carry follow-ups of important news which largely circulated papers could miss for different reasons.

Last year,when I was in Bhubaneswar,I happened to see The news insight (Fort nitely) on the stands of Bhubaneswar railway station.Coming from there only.I bought it to go through the publication and price was very reasonable.It contained analysis on local politics,citizens' problems,interviews,tech issues,cinema  news and many other interesting things.So that no injustice for my money.

Not only now...local town papers never discouraged me in any state.I did know some new thing about locals or surroundings through them.Small publications have certain advantages,they will act with full freedom.No bosses around.So they could cover what big ones do not cover for several obligations.

We should not underestimate the power of these local papers...They have their own gamut in such terms.Local scams or problems of people will be focussed  with out any fear or favor sometimes.These will encourage local talented people in many ways.If we were in some new place...local papers will help a lot to know the outlines of that area.