Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Building tells many tales

A Building tells many tales.If it is of some mix of historical past...which would be more interesting and exciting too.Here we can come across that sort of one.It was constructed a long time back,could be of century back.There are no details inside or outside it. 

But villagers nearby it says which was constructed by the British officers for the purpose of fulfillment of colonial ruling.Right now, there are only two families around it.One is a church pastor's and another one a warden's.Some part of the building is being used as the shelter for the poor children's hostel . 

Surrounding place mostly covered with banyans, Tamarinds and bushes.Rooms are spacious,good ventilation is received by inner parts.On upstairs toilet facility also provided.Timber mostly used for roof work and other furniture.

Once the place might have a beehive for great activities or it would not have taken place as it is now almost a deserted place with no large number houses.This construction is located at near by Lakshmi nagaram,a small village in A.P.

We don't know how long will it survive with no proper maintenance since there were some buildings near by it have collapsed and became the part of the dust already..!