Wednesday, 19 February 2014

At Last TELANGANA got materialized

Today is the MOST MEMORABLE day for Telugu people.Telangana people are in utmost joyful mood.Because they achieved their long cherished dream.The statehood of Telangana came true by the voice vote of  Lok sabha members.Another side Seemandhra people in sorrowful mood ..because they lost Telangana region from united a.p.! Telangana fight ,in fact, not started in the recent past.It has more than 60 years of 60s Telangana agitation reached a decisive point,but the main leaders like M.Chenna Reddy yielded to the power politics.They stopped it for the sake of  CM Chair then.The burning desire is always there in the hearts of Telangana people.People are adamant in this connection.But leaders deceived for their booty laid by the central government.

K.Chandrasekhar Rao understood the chords of the region well.By establishing Telengana Rashtriya Samiti he jumped in to the fray and won people's trust.His oratory skills are extraordinary.He tasted both bitter and sweet incidents in his battle.KCR has known all tricks when to slow and when to gear up for rash steps.He is an voracious reader and attractive public speaker.

Two University Professors played laudable role in the agitation.Prof.Jaya Shankar inspired a lot by his teachings and writings among common people and intellectuals as well.He was considered to be the ideologist of Telangana agitation.Unfortunately he is not alive to see flowered out Telangana as a state.

Another one is Prof. K.Kodanda Ram,who played a key role in uniting all employees under JAC.Travelled far and wide to reach out the message of Telangana.The students of Osmania university struggled a lot by withstanding lathicharges and brutal violence perpetrated by anti Telengana elements.

Right now....The people of Telangana are waiting for having a bright future.Let's say good wishes..!

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  1. I don't understand the advantages of this kind of fragmentation.
    But then it is a historic event!