Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why Telangana movement happened

As far as Telugu people concerned,the reasons for movement to get separate Telangana are well known.But most of the other people outside andhra pradesh do not know well.Because mostly fore front printed media and electronic media barons of A.p are Seemandhra people.They have fought their best to spread their own arguments effectively.But It all went unfulfilled.

In the matter of allotment of resources like water,industries and adminstration Telangana people were marginalized ....More than 90% private educational institutes,industries,media in the hands of Seemaandhra people. Film industry completely ruled by them but the lion share of profits came from Telangana.Almost all chief minsters came from that region and did nothing for Telangana in the matter of irrigation projects.

Apart from many other ones,Telangana people were shown as buffoons and goondas in the Telugu films.Their dialect was also ridiculed as if they were culture less stock.

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