Thursday, 14 May 2015

Deterioration Started

Bus strike called off yesterday in the two states of  Telugu people.The agreement made between employee associations and state governments.With the fitment of 43 per cent in the salary was negotiated successfully.Telangana state has gone a step forward by increasing 44 per cent for their employees.It's a most common phenomena to over lap each other whenever opportunity knocks off in any matter.A.P. State constituted a sub-committee to look after the issue whereas the issue was dealt by C.M. in Telangana,directly.Anyway road transport employees are at happy moment altogether.

Apart from this high drama ,For the last seven days,commuters in the both states  were virtually in the hell for the lack of transportation.Employees who were under the strike foiled all the efforts of state governments to have run the alternate services.Those who came forward to act as temporary staff were severely beaten at many places.

In 2009 ,bus services of state government recognized by Limca books of records as the largest fleet of the world with its 22,000 buses.But the time has changed.Almost every year state transport is used to show loss report.Private carriers increased in great number and surprisingly most of them belonged to the kith and kin of power mongered politicians.

They have celebrated a great festival during the last seven day strike by running services with squeezing  sky high rates from the common people.They are at the hopeless end to refuse the hiked charges.