Saturday, 28 November 2015

On a Story Collection, Kadha -2014

The best stories in Telugu came out last year placed in the collection of Kadha-2014.There could have been many luminaries undoubtedly but collected only 16 stories with the view of many constraints like pages,  writers and region so on.What are the yardsticks for the selection of stories,one would understand it once he got flipped through the pages.The editors performed their best in choosing the pieces but it's not flawless and some stories would test your patience ,be it  narrative wise or in the sense of readability.

This collection is a hallmark by its being published 25 th year.Let's have some glimpses from the bunch of stories."Issaku Chilaka" (The parrot of Issac) written by Addepalli Prabhu depicted the vicissitudes of a life of the poor person wretched by destiny and  feudal hierarchy based in the rural landscape.The flamboyance and untactful attitude of the protagonist ate up his life in a mysterious way.Caste equations the way they played in the society was narrated in a ferocious flow.Entire telling process was so gripping and deft and the reader would linger in those places of East Godavari district.The dialect was not failed ,yet , forced the story seamlessly to the effective edge of emotion.

Another story I would like to talk about is "Vaallu Muggurena" ((Only that trio..?) ,penned by Vimala.The theme picked out from the lives of So called high society broads who wished to lead high profile life blazoned in all aspects.How a naive woman is bound to learn the terms and tactics in the play of this kind was told with no artificial make-up.Tone in the story is straight and simple.And it sounds sincere albeit rather lengthy at some points.

I will be back with other stories..! As soon as possible..!

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