Thursday, 14 April 2016

Alarming Caesarean surgeries

An outfit of UNICEF and Telangana state government conducted a study recently on the issue of Caesarean surgeries.Surprisingly three states such as Telengana,Tripura and West Bengal topped all other states.This surgery,C-section type usually perform in the conditions of dire necessity.Even western countries are also lagging behind in the particular issue.In Telangana,Karim nagar district tops with 63 per cent Caesareans and which followed by Nalgonda district with 60 per cent of the sort.U.K. recorded 26.2 % in 2015 and U.S. recorded 32.4% in 2014.

What made our folks tend to have surgeries so rampant..?There are several reasons behind it.We can not generalize or attribute any single entity for the prevalent situation.Many people want to get delivery on particular auspicious days.Of course,sometimes it maybe with the obligation of  nearest kinsfolk.Some cases reveal to avoid pains in the time of delivery.Experts say ,because of it, women bound to face many problems health wise.

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