Sunday, 10 July 2016

Protection is also equally important

Harita Haram or plantation of saplings has been started on last Friday in the state of Telangana.It is the second phase in the line determined to plant 46 crore saplings in the entire state.Hyderabad alone has 25 lakh quota to be planted.Yes,the program launched in a big way and Chief minister to utmost low level officer participated in the 2 week long program.Not to speak of school children,volunteering Orgs and other outfits.Response came from all quarters.Every sane person welcomed it.Took part in it.But here lies another point.How many of them can be alive.? Are they going to turn into bigger ones to give expected results..?

With the first phase experience ,doubts crept into my mind.Because last year also all walks of people planted saplings in a massive way,unfortunately protection for them was neglected,the result is very clear,most of the plants died young.Some places even no trace of  being planted saplings.This time that should not happen.Adequate care should be taken for the protection otherwise the result could be as prevailed as last year.

Greenery  and its benefits are widely known to the people.That's why response came positively,it's surely a good sign.The second phase has many days to end,so care taken in the plantation should be continued to protect the same lot.Every gram panchayat should be allotted plantation protection work.Those who try to damage the plants must be penalized .

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