Friday, 8 July 2016

Temples' Destruction going on in AP

First of all, let me confess, I am neither a supporter of religion nor its buildings.And assumed this topic sheerly out of interest of people's anguish.For the last few days in Andhra pradesh the destruction of temples is on with gusto.Almost 40 temples alone in vijayawada demolished,some among them are with historical importance too.Of some hundreds of years to reckon.But the state government is on a spree without any stopping even neglecting public opinion.Their only concern is demolishing,thats' all.Surprisingly Tdp is in the central cabinet as an alley. BJP too supported this action..? some people doubting in that line now.

In fact, BJP is dwindling in the state because of the leaders like Venkayya Naidu. Their motto is strengthened TDP at the cost of BJP. Because here plays the caste card.He acts as a central man to support the caste advantages in the state.TDP means Kamma leadership in the state.And so notorious in manipulating land and other sources from other ones.What to say,if power added to these forces.Venkayya Naidu ,to say truth,not able to grab atleast 2 or 3 seats in his own district but he is considered as a national BJP leader,how ..? because of media hype  and caste hype. In another way he has been  supporting TDP from his central role.

Nobody heeds the anguish of people in Andhra,as Eenadu paper and its company are in gloves of state government.Perhaps we find no other state administration in India to support and manipulate the society in the name of bloody caste interests.Temples,even if they are not obstacle are also having demolished to favour some travel agency,people said.

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