Sunday, 2 April 2017

Cutting off private parts ..What kind of law..?

Today a massive rally has been taken in Manthani of Karim nagar district of Telangana state.Want to know the reason,it's a dreadful incident happened because of a love story.As it was common,a poor guy belonged to a Dalit family and an upper caste family's girl.The two fall in love and it was hated by the girl's family.Result,The 25 year old guy Madhukar found by the road with a leg crushed, side bones beaten to irrevocable and height of cruelty is his private parts found chopped off.And chilly powder in his anus.Guess what kind of barbaric death it was.

What was the reason..? Madhukar , a dalit youth fall in love with a girl where he was working as a tractor driver.This was hated by the girl's relatives and the result was his brutal death.Local police and MLA  supported the perpetrators and the death was declared as the suicide.With entering humanitarian outfits the the other side was seen by the world.How a suicidal man could crush his side bones and fill  his anus with chilly powder,furthermore chopped off his own genitals..?

We have to see the response from the government after the foray of Dalit outfits today in the incident occured place.Apparently,there was support from political circle to the Girl's side.And the village sarpanch was also belonged to TRS party that is in ruling at present.How many twists will it take God only knows..!