Monday, 18 November 2013

30 days for any language

We commonly encounter some kind of information packed books,titled 'Speak English in 30 days',or speak Telugu 30 days or speak some x language in 30 days,of course you can guess any language with the title.Mostly we find these kind of books in and around of Railway stations and bus stands.They may be available in other stalls too.

Almost every prominent language of India has been packaged in such sort of pocket size books.They contain basic things regarding the language .Any enthusiastic can have some working knowledge when they are needed to interact with another states' people.In that sense, they serve the needy people instantly.

May be,we can not be proficient by reading these books but surely working knowledge is possible.Even though we are using internet for every thing,the need of books are not ruled out.They have their own niche to say.Thus they are worth-reading.At the same time one would know co-relations among the different languages.Making a way for national integration is also possible by the likes of these books in particular.

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