Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Unique Sivaalayam

Taking holy baths in the early morning and doing Pujas in Sivaalayams are most common phenomenon in Andhra pradesh,especially in the month of Kartika.Whatever good deeds performed in this masa were fully accepted by all Gods.This is the belief  of devotees.

Here, we are seeing ,in one of the temples of Andhra pradesh,the deepaaraadhana performing by devotees.In brief, it's a temple located on a uphill of Peda raavigudem in the mandal of Burgam pahad,Khammam dist,.The presiding deity is Lord Kedareswara.The temple looks modest but blessed with picturesque natural beauty around it.Interestingly here we can see Lord Siva in the form of statue instead of Linga form.The statue was retained when some excavations were done around here.

Especially devotees throng in large number on special occasions like Kartika Masam and Maha Siva Ratri.On the hill top, moving of vehicles may be difficult,so better park at the ground nearby the place leading to the temple.


  1. Interesting place I have never quite even heard of it!!


    1. It's not so popular Richa..But very peaceful place! Thanks for your comments.

  2. Great to know about this unknown place. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Nice and unique temple indeed. It would be really helpful if you can give details like how to get here, what are the temple timings, contact details etc.

    Padmapriya T S