Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Andhra "Nostradamas"

Did you ever hear the name of Sri Pothuluri Veera Brhamendra Swami of Andhra pradesh? Of course,every nook and corner of the state is well acquainted with that Saint's name for the reason of future predictions.He was born in 15 century.People call him generally as Brhamam garu with reverence.

He hailed from a family of Viswa karma and did carpentry for sometime for his livelihood.He had written future predictions in a lucid style of  Telugu poems. Amazingly most of his predictions proved right.He predicted the arrival of The British,Railways,public selling of water,Indira Gandhi,N.T.R,M.G.R,and many incidents.He authored all of them in a form of book (tala patra) called" Kaala gnaanam".

One should go through  all those predictions to understand his greatness.It is impossible to guess some of  his predictions almost 5 hundred years back.Some are written in poetic and symbolic manner.He did Yogic sadhanas and showed many miracles in his life time.Brhamam garu kindled lights in water,commanded spirits and had done many works which displayed his yogic powers.

He also pioneered the Social reformation in Telugu's land.He accepted a dalit and a Muslim as his desciples.Challenged the supermacy of the previliged classes in the matter of spirituality.He started his earlier life as a shephered at the house of Garimireddy Achamma.He started his penances at that time by going in to a cave.
Siddayya and kakkayya his ardent disciples spreaded  the message and prophesies of Brahmam garu far and wide.In the village of Brahmam gari matam ( Kadapa district), you can see a temple in his memory.Still there is a huge banyan tree nearby the temple is believed to be planted by that great seer.

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