Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bhadrachalam At the Cross Roads

The 72 hour Bandh program had been commenced in Bhadrachalam revenue division.Today is the second day.Journalists' union,All major political parties like congress,Tdp,Bjp and communist parties supported and organised huge processions against the decision of Bhadrachalam division to be merged with Andhra Region.Employees' and Minority organisations also partook in the happening.The temple town Bhadrachalam resembled a deserted one with the effect.

With the closing of all shops,institutions,private and public organisations,all walks of life remained stagnant.The one and only demand behind the agitation is not to merge Bhadrachalam revenue division in Andhra region.But It should be part and parcel of Telengana region only as before.

The process of bifurcation of Andhra pradesh state is already started and this is triggering Bhadrachalam problem fore front.Central ministers like Jairam Ramesh and Antony sent out clear signals on this issue in favor of Andhra region.Major irrigation project at Polavaram is all set to start in the nearest future.If it  completed,more than 80% of this  division will be submerged in the reservoir water.More than 277 villages got to be vanished in to air and so do with Tribal habitations too.

The protagonists  said  that For the last five decades,this division had been an undivided part of the Telangana,so it should be continued as before.Merging with Andhra means creation of many problems.