Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Does money not a matter..?

Money plays a vital role in our mundane world.In fact it's the oxygen to get any thing alive or done and which we are facing it every moment.But we do not tend to incorporate all these bitter facts about money in our curriculum.Right from childhood,through anecdotes and small stories the concept should be introduced to the children.

Saving and earning money means respecting money.No nation on the earth flourish without having the practical approach  towards wealth.We have brilliant brains and management skills in our country but the right and positive approach about material wealth is the need of hour.

One window opens many windows inside the realm of human being.Thus unnecessary wastage can be curbed in all aspects,not only that,shrewdness,hard working nature,mobility,brightness,innovative spirit all these finer qualities sprout up one by one in its own accordance.

People in our country generally thought that money is not much important than good relations,yes good relations also important but which is not opposite to money.In fact most of the relations whether it is with parents ,children or any blood relations faded out because of money related problems,we should analyse it without any prejudices.

Everybody feels the sameness but we do not accept it openly in terms with money's dire importance.It happens out of our pseudo values which were injected in us right from our traditional surroundings.Spirituality too can be understood by cultivated brains but not by idle and poverty ridden minds.

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