Sunday, 3 November 2013

Telangana-Andhra Problems

It was already decided to divide Andhra pradesh.New state Telangana on the edge of carving out in a few weeks or months,if things go smoothly.Coastal Andhra districts and four Rayalaseema districts are now flaming out in a fit of anger under the banner of Samaikyaandhra.I do not go to much deeper in to the history of Telangana,samaikyaandhra agitations.Much of the arguments had already been done about it.

People outside Andhra pradesh may have a doubt about the differences of Telengana and Andhra people.Yes,the common language  for the both regions is Telugu.Clear.

But Telugu accent of Telangana is slitely different as it was ruled by the Muslim rulers,The Nizams.We find most of Urdu words and expressions in Telangana Telugu.People also speak Urdu without much effort.No doubt..once Nizams were one of the richest dynasties on the earth. But they never encourage Telugu by establishing educational institutions.They established schools which have only Urdu medium.That too,very small number of schools to reckon.

Telangana region is backward in education,irrigation and other fecilities compared to Coastal area.Feudal lords of Reddy and Velama castes exploited the down trodden of the region.This needs volumes to write.B.Narasing Rao's Telugu film "Daasi" described it well.

Unlike this ,Andhra region of coastal area  was ruled by The British.They had extensive education  and  irrigation fecilities. Agricultural prosperity is their key to rope in to many business fields like films,publications,industries, and what not.In every possible field,they stood fore front.

Telangana region was under Hyderabad state when linguistic states were established.Sardar Vallabhai Patel
ordered military action,so that Telangana merged in to India and Andhra pradesh subsequently.

Samaikyaandhra movement erupted after the announcement of Telangana separate statehood.In fact,Hyderabad is their main concern.Because they have huge investments in varied forms.People of coastal area are also settled in large number.Right now Hyderabad is a global player in many aspects.Almost all big business players made it as their hub.Software revolution came under the leadership of  former chief minister Nara Chandrabau Naidu.

Most of the chief ministers hailed from coastal or Rayalaseema area.This is the main complaint of  Telangana supporters.Anyway,Telangana movement did not come all of a sudden,which has many years of history.One should accept it.Hyderabad is decided to be the joint capital for some years.after establishment of the new capital,Hyderabad becomes Telangana's capital.This the present situation.Let's wait and see what is there to happen in future!

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