Friday, 1 November 2013

Volvo Tragedy

A couple of days back,a dreadful event happened in Andhra pradesh.A Volvo bus carrying passengers from Bangalore to Hyderabad got burnt as its diesel tank crashed a cement post on the road.This incident has taken place in Mahabub nagar district (Nearby Kotha kota).Damage is irreparable.Almost 45 passengers were burnt alive inside the bus.We can't guess how desperately they cried for help.

In fact,State government of A.P. Buses are well-known for its safe and comfortable journey.This is almost first time in the state in the recent past,to have killed up to 45 passengers in this kind of drastic accident.As sources say,to break emergency doors in the volvo bus is not easy as it does in the ordinary buses.The bus  also has no adequete tools to break the emergency doors.

So that it led to the pathetic accident where 45 lives gone to astray.

A.P.State government is hiring some vehicles from private bus operators to meet the demand.All these are mostly big names in political arena of the state.They own hundreds of buses altogether.Once state owned corporation buses dominated but now theirs glory is diminished due to private players.

The volvo bus now got burnt is said to have owned by a travel company which is of an ex-minister of the state.Identifying the bodies also became a tough job.Concerned officials are gearing up for conducting the  DNA tests of  the relatives of the victims.All the prominent Telugu Dailies like Eenadu and Sakshi have covered it up with the required follow-ups. 

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