Monday, 4 November 2013

Why Mail Order Business getting aback..?

Mail order business seems affected by varied reasons in our country.In fact,some years back,we happened to see many mail order business publications like Tapas international of Delhi,Mailbiz master of Goa,Sun international of Sekkalai and many likes of it.

These publications used to carry different classifieds of different dealers.Assam,Chattis garh,West Bengal,Odisha,Rajasthan,Kerala,Tamil nadu,A.P.Karnataka all these states have had some real innovative and genuine publications with carrying genuine money making offers.Some offers could have been very cheap comparatively.For example ,useful reports were selling at very low cost.Mostly these were know-how reports on very interesting topics.Some dealers were very prompt in dispatching the orders.Not only that they have some sense of national integration.

Publishers of different states had contacts with one another by phone or mail.They used to exchange their innovative thoughts regarding various concepts.Of course for their mutual benefits.One more interesting feature of mail order business publications were their own uniqueness in placing varied write-ups on useful things in routine life.

Every coin has its own other side too.Some con artists were also there who manipulated customers for their ends.Even though their number was small,it affected badly.That kind of practices hampered the goodwill of mail order business of our country.At the same time we should not forget genuine dealers.

With the revolution of internet usage,most of the mail order dealers turned out to be the netgeeks.They stopped printed versions of their publications.Thus they delinked with others literally.Hiking of postal charges too is another problem.Mail order dealers get very little profits so it's difficult for them to cope up with postal charges.

Surprisingly in the west mail order has  its own place and it did not fade out because of  computer insertion.Ace Lanfranco and likes of U.S.dealers are in the fray and serving the customers promptly.The joy or thrilling is entirely different when you receive your order through the hands of post man.Even waiting for the article is containing some unspeakable excitement.Isn't it....? 

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