Monday, 30 December 2013

Dhoom-3 Review

Dhoom-3 is released worldwide recently.Its the third one in Dhoom series.This time Amir Khan did double role in the movie.He's both hero and villion to say roughly.There are very few decent actors in Indian filmdom to do roles that would appeal to the audience,irrespective of class or mass.Undoubtedly Amir Khan is one of them.

Coming to Katrina,she never dissatisfied her fans.In dance numbers she excelled with her gorgeous looks.At climax scene,the ambience of huge reservoir is a plus point.Selected it with a clever plan as they had to jump over it to sacrifice.

Last scene stunned everybody for a moment as speechless spectators. In fact,whole picture depended on the sentiment scene shot here.Director Vijay krishna Acharya gave his best in all aspects.Some reports are telling us now the movie crossed 100 crore club and heading for 250 crore club.O.kay, let's see how far it goes.Sentiment never fail with Indian audience,If it mixed rightly with other stuff...!

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