Thursday, 5 December 2013

Money and Curriculum

We have hardly have any lessons on money generation and savings in our school curriculum.It should be taught from school level along with other subjects.Money is playing a crucial role in mundane plane.There are lessons on freedom fight,science and social issues.But we are not incorporating content on the importance of money and its usage.Money management has its own pristine place and a child should understand it from his tender age.It can be taught in the form of small stories and incidents.

Through the process of understanding the role of money,other related behavioural changes could also happen.All things like wastage of food,wastage of water and other mal practices ..!Soon after leaving the school or college,a person in our society would experience many queer issues.Especially the money matters.Here every relation in the world tied with monetary gains directly or indirectly.

How come most of the illiterates or very less educated people became rich and command respect from well educated ones.This real life scene opens his inner eye.But very lately.Slowly he learns that earning money is no way related with college or university education.It's special knack which should be learnt outside college circumstances.But why not possible in educational premises along with routine lessons.


  1. Teaching your children how to save is an important step to prepare them for financial responsibility and a secure future. But it won’t go very far if you don’t “practice what you preach” and save for the future yourself. Whether we like it or not, most of us take after our parents and emulate the habits we observed in them during childhood. In other words, you need to act how you want your children to act when they grow up.

  2. Totally agree with you! Our education system needs to include so many practical things- like financial management, as you have suggested, plus simple tasks like changing a light-bulb! :)

  3. Many times I wished somebody had taught me how to save money wisely. Children should be taught right from beginning and school curriculum is the best!