Friday, 27 December 2013

What lessons to learn from Devyani Incident

Entire nation became panic on the issue of Devyani Khobragade.It's quite natural,being felt empathy with it.Now,with this incident,one thing proved crystal clear,not paying maids' salaries on par with American standards is an unpardonable thing.That's their country.They make rules.They expect us to follow them though they are not easy sometimes.

Indian Government also took fitting decision by decreasing immunity of U.S.diplomats in India.I don't think that will bother  them in any way.Many immigrants are having maids or house keepers with the payments of low wages.Especially Indian immigrants tend to recruit people who would like to work for under wages.The aspirants too have their own plans to settle down there.

Some people try to enter America like anything.So they choose a career of maid or it's sort.Some times workers do not care about their low payment.But Governments do care,That's real irony.As we go through Devyani's incident,there's something fishy which does matter,in contrast to what;s happening on surface level.

It's given a clear message to all US settlers that they should refrain from the idea of having cheap labor from their home land.It also teaches that people should not want to settle down at abroad without having our demand there.Every country gives priority to it's citizens first. Whether it is related to basic needs or other amenities.In nut shell, we do not exercise the habit of being proud of  living other developed countries.

We have to go outside for having wealth by rendering our best skills and come back to home land to utilize our world level experience to uplift our country in all possible ways.I thought that our diplomat  Devyani's incident did not happen all of a sudden.There are seen and unseen subtle issues behind it.

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