Thursday, 2 January 2014

Facebook and Troublesome Friends

Every advantage carries some disadvantage.On account of that,we can't resist inevitable advantage.Facebook is that kind of thing.We know already that among all social networking sites,Facebook is premier one.We can let our updates to other people at a fraction of second. And we come to know other's at the same pace.See,how things became handy nowadays ...Amazing!

Sometimes we 'add' friends wrongly by going away with their attractive profile pictures or by impulse.Later on,things will become unbearable.Of course,we too be careful in confirming friend requests.Or it makes us sick.Consequences are scary.Unbearable porn pics,videos and other rubbish are used to be posted by such unwanted  friends.Our inner circle of friends too could mistake that we solicited that kind of filthy stuff.

We can not describe that aunguish in words.If they appear in front us,we could have killed them for using FB for such narrow minded activities. is the part of life,but it has it's own flat forms to discuss or interact.They could date,rob or be banged.Nobody objects!

But they do not have right to trouble others.In this virtual world,we do not know who is really who.Sweet words may deceive us.So always be alert in sharing your info.It's true even with well known friends also.Why because the same info is seen by other confined friends without any exception.

To avoid the circumstances like these ,better go to 'settings'in facebook and block that person..thus his postings never appear in our time line.It's easy to do.This is the real way to stop the unwanted stuff to appear whenever we get signed in to our Facebook account.. 

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