Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Telugu Film Legend Akkineni Passed away

It seems a  bad phase is started for Telugu Film industry.One by one stars like Srihari,Uday kiran and yester years' female legend Anjali devi gone away from Telugu film lovers.Telugu film had two important legends. One NTR another one ANR.Recently ANR (Akkinene Nageswara Rao) also passed away due to cancer.He debuted in 1944 with the movie of Seetarama jananam.Akkineni contributed a lot in terms of  producing pictures apart from acting.Established Annapurna studious and produced number of films.Well known Telugu star Nagarjuna is his second son.Akkineni enacted hundreds of films which will be required  huge volumes to write his acting talent.

Famous Sarath chandra chattopadhyay's novel Devadas proved a block buster with his acting skills.It brought him a great name in his lifetime.This is only one example cited here. His grandsons like Naga chaitanya and Sumanth are also in the fray of telugu filmdom. Akkineni received Dadaphalke Award and Padmabhushan as well.

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