Sunday, 4 May 2014

Odisha Brick kiln workers Freed- News appeared in Sakshi (Telugu daily)

                                                    (News coverage in Sakshi Telugu Daily)                            

Reading a news item on Odisha labourers plights in Andhra pradesh is a quite general news for an average news paper reader.Repeatedly they are getting exploited.But what makes  them to come here again and again for the work and it may be for higher wages compared to Odisha rates.Especially these people used to come through middle-persons or  by the word of old workers.

Andhra workers demand more money ,That's why brick kiln owners prefer Odisha workers.In recent time,even in Telugu media,there is lot of focus regarding the manipulation of Odisha labourers.One such news item appeared in Sakshi,Telugu daily,today.The happiest thing is the students of Hyderabad central university and other Human rights activists freed the brick klin workers of Odisha from the clutches of a greedy owner.

The incident has taken place in the village of Kemla nayak thanda of Nizamabad district of A.P.,To my surprise the owner is a tribal person.He is said to have promised one rupee for each brick production but he paid only six thousand rupees even though they produced 63,000 bricks.And other woes also reported in the news.All the workers came from Bolangir dist., of Odisha.

On knowing the news, Hyderabad university students and Human rights activists have visited the place and freed the labourers from the owner.He consumed poison to threaten these people.However the police has taken him in to custody and sent him to hospital .A case also registered against him.The students and local press persons offered the workers with food and monetary help. 


  1. It is so sad to learn of such stories of exploitation. Hope we never get to read such terrible tales.
    Glad that Students & Activists freed the unfortunate souls.
    Odisha's people are so simple. Today's world needs smart people.
    Govt. should ensure people get employment & enjoy their rights & dignity.