Monday, 18 August 2014

A Bengali Fortnightly

Collecting small scale papers or publications is one my hobbies.I do not mind what the language it is in,Do

you know why I like local papers...sometimes they keep printing what other so called largest circulated ones do not like to print.Whatever it be,local happenings or international happenings.These papers have full freedom to choose news items and opinion to spread.Mostly publisher,editor and all other roles are played by a single person.

Here, I am presenting a Bengali local publication" Ispaatt Baaloy".Came from Durgapur of West Bengal.It's 4 pager and priced Re.1/- only.Edited,published and owned by Mr.Prasantta Das.The July issue rushed to me on my request.Hey..Don't think that I am good at Bengali.No ..not at all.But happy to see it.This issue carried news items,classifieds,some poems and letters to the editor column.Of course editorial too ..!It looked simple but fine in selection of  lay out and design.I will keep it to add in my collection.

Are you or your friend running any local papers or hobby publications...Then feel free to send me a copy of it..I will rush my own for you in return..! How is the deal..?


  1. Agree with you, my mom still reads a gujrati local and it has its own charm Goutam.

  2. Here we get like 5-10 local papers free with the national dailies every week since it increases their circulation and hence many people give ads on them and they generate revenue. :)

  3. It's an unique hobby...nice to see someone collecting such things and thereby motivating small publications...

    As a Bengali..I'm really elated to see the paper... thanks for sharing.. :-)