Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bhadrachalam All set for Mukkoti Festival

The ten day Mukkoti Ekadasi festival is a big devotional event at Bhadrachalam,which  is going to be happened from 22 december 2014 to 01 January 2015.The pilgrim town is all set to have its visitors from nook and corner of the country.Each day is blessed with each Avatara of Lord Vishnu murthy.Devotees are eager to have darshan of it every day and the last day will be the de day with the celebration of Teppotsavam.On that particular day the banks of river Godavari swarmed with the people to catch the sight of swan like boat which carries the holy idols of Lord Rama and her consort Sita and other parivaram.

All these ten days are filled with musical concerts,playlets and other cultural activities for the purpose of devotees.Once, very famous artistes used to come here to give concerts and the tradition continues,though which was commenced during the time of Bhata Ramadasa who lived in 16 century.One must have Uttara dwara darsanam at the concluding day,people believe which is equal to some thousands of darshans in one's life.

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