Saturday, 27 December 2014

Self-Teaching Day

That day can be remained as a special day in the lives of those pupil who participated in the self-government day.The children have become the teaching faculty and other school staff on 9 December 3014.They taught lessons to the fellow children and administered the school in their own style.It is not new to the Z.P.S.S,Nandigamapadu village but all the enthusiasm and gaity entered the school premises once again.The lads attired in their favorite ones and dispersed their teaching skills in their chosen subject.

Each subject has two prizes.The first and second places.Anyway being in the race is important than having won sometimes.It too sure does so.M.Soumya,M.Monisha,Divya,Siri,Ramya,Vasavi,Sadhya,Silpa,Praneeta,sankeerti,Supriya,Anusha and others have won the prizes.G.Sairam,Ram prasad,Sambasiva rao and others also received prizes to have enacted in school administration side.All the Teaching Staff congratulated the participants in the meeting which was taken place in the evening session.

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