Saturday, 3 January 2015

Are they employees of Telangana or Andhra..?

The question is still chasing  them,but no clarity or elaborate instructions not given either from any of states.Bifurcation had been done and Telangana state carved out.The polavaram submerged prone employees got in to new trouble,In fact they are part and parcel of Telangana people.Because of Bifurcation they had fallen in to Andhra pradesh.Interestingly some of them with the back up activities from the level of  higher offices at Hyderabad had transferred to Telangana areas.But those who are lagging behind in it are still remained in the  same places.They are on the way of agitation.For the last some months,they had been conducting Dharnas,rallies and all other things to get them in to Telangana. Andhra officers are now  forcing these employees to take salaries from them or quit from the place by transfer.Right now the situation has become gruesome as they are not receiving either from Telangana or from Andhra .The only solace is Telangana state is providing salaries till the date.It's high time having them back to Telangana as soon as possible. 

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