Wednesday, 25 February 2015

KCR has to clarify it....!

Sometimes our politicians act on impulse.It's o.kay until their actions do not cross the constitutional frame work.Otherwise they will cause grave questions from the public.Chief minister of Telangana announced yesterday that his government was going to donate golden ornaments and monetary offerings to certain temples.All these are said to be given in the wake of creation of Telangana state.Well...nobody shuns the God's fearing nature of CM..

But here in this context,every sane citizen has a doubt.Telangana state comprised of many religions like Hindus,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs and so on.By making these donations to one particular religious temples,certainly a strong message will go in to the people.Rest of other religions not worth receiving donations on credit of carving out the new state..?CM certainly can donate to any religious body in his personal capacity.But how can he do it behalf of state government..?He should better have consulted the common opinion of the different religious bodies of the state since they are the stakeholders of it.More over ours is the secular and democratic country .The state should not proclaim its side religion wise at any cost.

The issue could not have brought  forth in case KCR was donating it in his personal capacity.That can be his outright deliberation over which no one has anything to raise voice.The sum proposed to make donations assumed to have from common good fund of endowment department.So that state government should feel moral obligation to elaborate further in this matter.  

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