Monday, 23 March 2015

"ANEKUDU" Movie Review

Anekudu is the Telugu dubbing version of Tamil original Anegan.It was released almost a month prior to the dubbing version.Perhaps Dhanush 's Raghuvaran B.Tech telugu version could have inspired him a lot for taking this flick in to Telugu now.Because that got him good name for his performance.He must have been waiting for this time.Very few and selected stars like Rajani Kant,Kamal Hasan,Surya,Ajit and likes used to have good openings in Telugu versions.Once It was Vijay Kant too had that charisma.

Now the movie we are talking about is Anekudu.Dhanush selected nice story and to be frank,it's a tailor made character for him.Basically the whole plot based on Rebirths theory.the concept comprised of three births with three kinds of roles.Soft ware company boss Karthik is another character.He gives drugs to the staff through his trusted therapist.Heroin by fortunate retained all her past births' memories.Thereafter story goes on with interesting twists.

Both Dhanush and Amaira Dastur are apt for the roles.They have given their best.Director K.V.Anand succeeded in his attempt to lure the viewers with his spell binding narration.Music is supportive to the mood of the picture.Photography added much to the picture.

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