Friday, 15 May 2015

News Portal that I like

In fact, I am not from the state of Orissa,but something interesting about it is a news portal which I generally watch now and then without fail is a news portal beaming from Berhampur from the south part of Orissa state.It was not known to me from advertisement compaign or some thing like that but purely by co incidence while searching a different thing on the google.It happened almost a couple of years back and still am addicted to it to know happenings of different part of Orissa.Language used in the website is simple and lucid English which one could understand easily.

Maybe,it could be one reason that I had contributed news items for a  daily for many years. The dedication  and hard work for contributing news is something different from all those other ones.Because it involves with many risks writing a news item .It sometimes creates new friends and foes.Of course sometimes there will be  a satisfaction of doing justice to the chosen work.

Coming to point,You might ask me why should I like and follow the web news portal.For many reasons literally.They provide breaking  news and all kinds of news.Not only that they cover many news items which are neglected by mainstream news net works.I don't want to tell much of it,you go and follow the news portal by clicking HERE  


  1. I checked the site, it's good. Like you said, language is easy and easy to navigate.