Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ram Gopal Varma Warned by Mammutty Fans

We knew Ram Gopal Varma, but for what reason..? Do you remember the film director for giving out any black buster movie in the recent past.No, not at all.Only by making some controversial comments over ongoing things he always kept himself in the limelight.Twitter is most handy for that guy.In fact,Varma made many films which were much talked over  and collected money in a big way at the box-office.You take Shiva,Rangeela,Satya and many other flicks.But we don't know what happened to that brain,suddenly for the last couple of years or probably more,had been acting very crazy over any significant occasion.In Telugu field also,he commented on Pawan Kalyan,Chiranjeevi and of course on politicians like K.Chandrasehar Rao.Even actress Sridevi 's ire also was tasted in some title issue.I told you very few examples.

Facebook,print and electronic media have taken them seriously and gave him desired publicity.As days passing by,they understood the cunning strategy of the man and stopped their coverage.Facebook users mostly see him as a jester by cracking jokes at any given point.Telugu film "Shiva" gave him a thunderbolt entrance to him.Because of his take- it- easy movies,nowadays even Telugu cine goers are not ready to take his movies seriously.

Recently,a dubbing Telugu movie o.k.Bangaram released ,It's original version is o.k.kanmani ,directed by Mani Ratnam.Hero in that picture was none other than Salman Dulqar,Son of Malayalam super star.Varma never tried to leave the occasion.He tweeted so badly that sounds like Mammutty was nothing compared to his son..!

It created ripples.In fact he wanted the publicity out of it.But Salman himself tweeted that could never happen in any birth.Always his father was superior.One Vishnu Varma answered very strongly in an article placed in the website of The Indian Express.For that please click here

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