Sunday, 10 May 2015

Seeing is believing

I really do not know who said seeing is believing but which seemed right sometimes.Especially that seeing involved with very nearer persons.Because they may say  something according to their own likes and dislikes but through appearance of the object we can understand the existing condition.That can't be lied,even if it wished it to be so.That's it.

Recently I met a person who was none other than our physical training teacher in our school days .He looked like almost as he was in those days.I asked him his health secret.In fact,he was not so health conscious man comparing to so many of my friends,I know it very well.

He simply said that he had been jogging right from his college days and even he doesn't stop it though he attained the age of 75.He never stop Jogging at any cost except when he suffers from fever etc., very rarely he gets health problems.  he simply  takes two pegs of brandy every day.And no smoking at all.To my surprise,on further queries,he does not have diabetes or arthritis  problems.Sometimes life plays havoc when we ignore simple tips of health.

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