Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sons of Chief Ministers In US Tour : Would they get any result..?

It's time for US tour for both the sons of Chief Ministers of Telugu States.Competition spirit now spreading to overseas.In fact,after having Telangana carved out,both the big wigs are at loggerheads at every possible step.Nara Lokesh,the son of Nara Chandra babu Naidu and K.Taraka Rama Rao or KTR ,the son of K.Chadrasekhara Rao at present touring in US and they both keep boasting of  their efforts to attract global investments from big players.

Today,a news already came out that Nara Lokesh has met US President Obama and requested his assistance in varied development activities.But his critics forwarded another argument that Nara Lokesh has bought 10,000 USD charity ticket to dine with Obama  in the part of fund raising for the  democrats. In fact,He never gave appointment to Lokesh but it's quite common to have a photograph on the fund raising activities.

KTR is also not lagging behind.He sent several photos from there as he was getting busy in meeting big heads to attract investments for Telengana.All these things got used to Telugu states but the real outcome of these out goings will be known sooner or later.Then people will understand how the exchequer of their respective states were used..!

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