Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dasaradhi Rangacharya Passed away

Well known Telugu litterateur Dasaradhi Rangacharya (86) has been passed away yesterday in a corporate hospital located in Hyderabad, due to his two year suffering of old age borne health problems.Every telugu reader thought of two writers when the name of Dasaradhi was being heard.The first one was his older brother Krishnamacharya and the latter was none other than now we are talking about this great towering personality Rangacharya.Both were exemplary men of letters.And fought in The Telangana armed struggle against the autocratic rule of The Nizam.

Dasaradhi Rangacharya born in the village of China Gudur of Khammam district,then it was in the Hyderabad state.Rangacharya educated at China gudur,on rustication he shifted to Vijayawada.He was a most prolific writer,His novels "Chillara Devullu" (The lesser Gods),Modugu  poolu (  The flowers of fire),Janapadam and Jeevana yaanam (Autography based) are most acclaimed pieces of literary works considering the life and fight of Telangana region.In his any work of writing,language he used was so closer to the common people,that was one of the prominent features about him.Even in the translation of The four sacred Vedas in to Telugu ,one can find such distinct quality.

Interestingly his brother Krishnamacharya had chosen the form of song and poetry yet, Rangacharya never tried seriously in that forms but has adopted the form of Story and Novel instead.Even sometimes people confused that some popular songs of his brother as if had written by him.I have seen it today in some district edition of most circulated telugu daily,in one the interviews,the song of "ee challani samudra garbham.." was penned by Rangacharya.In fact,it was written by his brother Krishnamacharya,hope it should be corrected even tomorrow by a reminder.

"Chillara Devullu" novel can always be considered an amazing realistic documentary of Nizam's era.The exploitation of local feudals and gullibility of common folks narrated in a great way.It was made in to a beautiful feature film and got a national award too.He obtained kendra sahitya academy award for this novel in 1969.Many of his works have been incorporated in university level curriculum.Today is the day the last rites are  getting ready for his body with the honor of State government of Telangana.

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