Sunday, 26 July 2015

Godavari Pushkaralu and some glimpses

At last the 12 day Godavari pushkaralu event came to an end by yesterday in the states of both Andhra and Telangana.The ghats in the both regions swarmed with the scores of the people each day.Almost 11 crore people have had holy dips on the occasion of this mega holy event and some hundreds of crores business has witnessed as well.Yesterday was the last day with having colorful programs at important places like Rajamundry,Bhadrachalam and other ones.

On the first day of the pushkaralu ,there was a mishap at the bathing ghat of Rajamundry.Around 27 people who wanted to have the holy dip have died in a dreadful stampede incident.The mishap attracted national attention and it was due to the unconcerned attitude of Andhra CM  to have taken much of the time for his personal propaganda film at the ghat of Rajamundry and the mob was controlled for about 2 and half hours in a limited area,when released the sudden rush of the people set in to a stampede and which caused the deaths of innocent people.

On completion of the event both the telugu states were boasting of having received record level visitors to have holy dips in their respective states.Interestingly Rajamundry town was announced to be changed its name to its age-old name as Rajamahendravaram.This is one of the ancient towns in the coastal andhra with the prosperity of paddy and business.

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