Friday, 21 August 2015

Soothing Song but lacks something

The song given above in youtube is picturised in a Telugu movie "Vaana" (Rain).Tune composed for the song is awesome and rendered by singer Karthik so beautifully.Locations selected for shooting the  song looked fresh and eye feasting.Just try to listen the song with closing your eyes ,definitely you enjoy the song further more,I mean it's great with visuals but something unnecessary shots we feel in this song that spoiled the beauty of composition did by music directors Kamalakar and Mano Murthy.Credited for both for they have worked in both Kannada and Telugu versions.

The meaning of song is also very soothing and lovely as much as Karthik's soft voice.Intricacies of the song in terms with concept of unsuccessful love sounded very well,that's why all segments of cine goers have loved this song immensely.Heroin Meera Chopra and Hero Vinay .In some scenes they are o.kay and but in some scenes not so lovable for different reasons.Anyway the song is forever to listen and enjoy.Great tune.Orchestra too.All credit goes to the music composers.

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