Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Stray Monkeys became a new threat

Surprising, Whether we are living in a civilized and reasonably administered society or some kind of human crowded concrete jungles..? This problem prevails almost many states in our country but nobody complains strongly for different reasons,in reality everybody faces the dark side of it without any exception.That's nothing but menace of Monkeys,yes..the monkeys which are roaming through busy streets ,maybe,those are towns or metros or moderate habitations with considerable population.

First of all these monkeys are bound to be in the forests and fed up on wild produces.And ample chances are there as our country still has good chunk of forest land.Some people argue that because of cutting down the forests trigger them to enter in to human habitations.There is no big forest around many cities of India and other moderate towns as to enter in to them as an immediate effect.Obviously, We see many times some vehicles full of monkeys coming to populated areas to dump them.Why should not go to some forests like places instead..?

What the poor creatures do...?They would start jumping to house to house to get the food.If you retaliate they will never get aback to harm you by pouncing.Small kids are also bruised because of them,we often see such incidents in the papers.The greatest advantage is they are considered as the forms of Hanumans,the religious angle comes here.That's how many people never try to kill them just like rats ,with the use of poison.They procure kids in large number .If you see 20 monkeys this month,you will see more than 30 numbers in the next month,along with having their babies hugged tight .

Sometimes they barge in to houses and create ruckus for the things they want.Who are responsible for this,totally our local bodies should take it as theirs but unfortunately they do not see it as a problem first.Most of the people are also bearing it with great patience.In my experience monkeys are sometimes looking like humans with their behavior. For instance,they just keep going nearby us very calmly when they are in happy mood ,we should not be close to them when there in fight or copulation,not only that our body language should not be intimidated to them,if they feel so they will jump upon us to harm,no doubt.Be extra careful when you have some eatables in your hand.They feel that's their property.We can't help it.

Animals should be there where they have to be.Our people and governments should realize such fact.Everyday from many states news are being covered regarding the injuries borne by these animals.It is in my view ,not the fault of monkeys,but the irresponsibility of concerned authorities.