Monday, 25 January 2016

Rohit Vemula Suicide and some related issues..!

Rohit Vemula,the research scholar who committed  suicide recently at Osmania university has become a center point to all the political parties.Every leader keeps paying a visit and never failing a comment to make to have advantage of the gruesome suicide Here with the case,some important issues are popping up to ponder over seriously about the education system of India.

Firstly,Rohit joined the university to pursue his research and he has to concentrate on his studies only.The work done by research scholars should be useful society or even future generations of  students.As per sources,he had participated in the agitations against the hanging of  "Memon". Who was thus a sympathizer of the conspirator.Is it necessary to him,of course ,in case he wanted to fight against that cause he could better have given up studies because university was being payed scholarship.

Pitiably,in our country killers of innocent people enjoy human rights.And there are no rights for innocent pedestrians to live safely.They do not have pressure groups to mobilize the consent.At least university level students are expected to be more interested in studies than being indulged in petty political games.He was working with some minority organisations though he belonged to Dalit community.What are the common points between dalits and Muslim work united against the higher strata of Hindu fold..?Dalit problems are different from minorities.They never faced untouchbility problem from higher caste Hindus.We should note it.

Minorities keep trying to join Dalits to hudwink rest of other Hindus.This is happening because of their own ends.Yes,dalits had been suppressing lot since ages.They have to fight internally because if they agree or not,they are also part of Hindus.So many changes we are witnessing in the religion due to various reasons.At the same time,higher castes also have to think over the ways in which subsiding the friction of the dalits and non dalits.We should never let them go with other religions because of some problems.The circumstances of world are changing ,we also have to change accordingly.Because of the polarization of Hindus as dalits and non dalits did great loss to the country as we had been continuously defeated by every race entered the country.

Petty politicians with short sight never have the idea of uniting the people.We should say good bye to impractical systems and learn lessons from the history or we be deserved long lasting slaves on the earth.

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  1. I too agree that the polarization of Hindus as dalits and non dalits did great loss to the country