Thursday, 23 June 2016

Kapu's Stir turned out messy

At last, Mudragada Padnabham,the kapu caste leader released from police custody and called off his 12 day indefinite hunger strike at his village Kirlampudi.The high drama and tension gripped all over newly carved residual Andhra state.He has started an agitation to merge his caste in to BC list,and the same was promised by TDP party during the 2014 elections,and they were being supported by Kapu community.With strong backlash received from Andhra voters ,congress party smashed to dust as it was caused to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.In addition to that,almost 23% of the state population is Kapus ,supported TDP as the call came from Cinema actor Pawan kalyan.That worked and TDP came in to power.We should not forget one thing that YSRCP also tried hard to fetch the same voters,for the reasons unknown they did not get it,with a small margin,TDP established government.

After that,the real play started.TDP is quite known for its caste based politics and kammas were incorporated in almost every key position.Amaravati the new capital city witnessed a big scale real estate scam so far.The promise was sidelined and the state government came forward with a new strategy by saying that remaining BC communities were opposing the merger of Kapu community in to BC list.Then strong stir came up and the unknown ones ablaze some bogies of a rail.The state government fingered YSRCP goons for that ghastly activity.Some other persons have been taken in to custody after some months passed by.

On that action,Mudragada Padmanabham initiated his hunger strike to get them free and to start working to get their community in to BC list.He was brutally taken into custody and get him to join in a hospital. He opposed strongly to continue his strike as well.He was manhandled and harassed along with his family members.Media denied access to the agitators' condition.Only state government pro media allowed.Sakshi Daily and Sakshi TV were almost banned by the state.Every step has been taken to intimidate his family,at some point,he was considered to be terminated by the state at some stage.

At the crucial moment,the dignitaries of kapu community from all walks of life came out and demanded his release from hospitalized sort arrest.Surprisingly the center too did not respond as the state went in to terror like condition.Most part of the media like Eenady daily Eenadu TV supported the stance of the state.In India, very few states are like Andhra where caste polarization was so notorious at the cost of axing the truth.At last yesterday,Mudragada came out of Hospital after 12 day hunger strike and he alleged that his family members were roughly treated by the police and abused with foul language.His family would not celebrate any festival until the culprits get punished,he said.

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