Sunday, 5 June 2016


Yes, sometimes it's true.Maybe inevitable ..!One and two OKay.when entered the third member ,starts real problem or the game you have to play,when it is an office or school or any place.The problems gain momentum.Why should it happen at  its very outset..!That's natural anyway and it is intended to make human being   grow in worldly ways.World is like a maze where we have to know number of things and to get real knowledge about human sphere.

The more you go in the world ,the more you know the ways of worldly affairs.In fact you knew all these things inside.But you have to know through the examples of an
Outside world,it's a natural selection to make people knowledges.Sometimes we could lose,but we bound to know things in its own spirit.

We must send this wisdom to our future generations,because which needs years of time to grasp the things  inside  so educational system should not be a shamble of a  selected few on their own whims but a culmination of the  integrated wisdom of longsightedness

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