Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Entertaining queen of yesteryears Passed away

Jyotilakshmi (63) passed away today and the news came as a shock  for the generation of yesteryears.No introduction is required as she swayed up  all south Indian movies like wildfire.Jyotilakshmi reigned as a dancer for item songs and vamp character artist.Between 1970 to 1980, she was a must for oomph factor and she never failed to tickle the heart of  the audience ,to be frank,in stirring heat below the waistline.Not only that,she had perfect figure or structure along with heart touching acting skills.There were hardly any men in those years who never have dreamt of her provoking body.

Jayamalini came as a storm after Jyotilakshmi but the special qualities of the latter is incomparable. Nowadays,heroins turned vamps to boost their career and the competition in skin showing is growing with the times.The sexier,the better.Jyoti lakshmi is a trained dancer that we could understand in her styles of classical and non-classical dancing.Idalokam,Prema nagar,Gandharva kanya and many more pictures support the fact.
She has been seen in several serials and movies up to her last breath. It is learnt that she suffered from cancer for the last few years.Monday midnight she was declared as passed away.Right from all top stars of yesteryears to budding artists of present day association of her being was witnessed.Let's say goodbye to her.She enacted her part in the gigantic play of mundane world.

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  1. Oh how sad this is at such a young age!
    Nice choise for this weeks letter but the subject is sad.

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