Friday, 5 August 2016

One Life to Ride : A Motorbike Journey

This amazing book was penned by Ajit Hari singhani, a Pune based speech therapist, yet ,it was all about his motorbike journey into the highlands of the Himalayas.He started from Pune and covered leh,Kargil and all other passess and came back to Jammu to reach the home.Altogether 4 thousand above meters altitude he crossed and met interesting people,scenic beauty and of course life threatening incidents included.The book brought us to the exotic thrilling places where no human being was seen or met.His description is awesome and readability is guaranteed.We shall congratulate our boarder road service officials once we compleated the book,because road construction in some parts of high mountains are risky and needs lots of patience.Some roads after compleated in the morning can be spoiled by the time of evening or a bit earlier due to melting of the ice.

The Buddhistic festivities at Leh,a Gurudwara in the passing way offered the writer chilling experiences and the people associated with them helped him in their own special way.At some heights,the terrain looked as if he were in another planet.He astonished at the closing of  beauties of the Himalayas.In addition,Ajit is 56 years old and preferred Royal Enfield to travel.We could understand why he chosen such bike after going through it.That's prudent being learnt mechanism of the bike as which would lead to imminent dangers unless he learned it.

Exiting pictures added in the book.More to it,narration grips the reader until the last page. Different people whom he met taught him different lessons,all through the book, the style of writing never leave you behind.Anxiety,suspense and courage that all we can be felt all along the book.The reason behind the motorbike journey is convincing and it related to the people whom he met because of his career.There were some great travelers I have been reminded ,Paravastu Parameswar ,a Hyderabadi traveler who dared silk route all alone and he penned it in Telugu.