Friday, 12 August 2016

Who are behind the gangster Nayimuddin and Why he got killed..?

It became a million dollar question now.Nayim is the name that sent shock waves without any second thought,be it in Andhara or Telangana..!Of course, his growth as a dreadful killer and manipulator of the property owners happened  before bifurcation of the state.He was backed by the police and political heavyweights for their own dvantages.Nayim ,a renegade naxalite started giving clues to the police department about Maoists and their moves.He helped the police in several activities ,especially in eliminating people in undercover operations.Many human rights  activists and naxal supporters got killed in unknown or so called hooligans hands named after like cobras and so on.He himself was accused in a murder case of an IPS officer Vyas.But as he was acting as an informer for the police,they overlooked his other activities like threatning for ransom from Realtors and other rich people.

He graduated from such a stage to build a gang for him and started working for some powerful politicians and the connections made him further strong in every step he had taken.Settlements for properties of high stakes came his way.All it was started back in 15 years around.As time passes by ,his assets reached to thousands of crores.Extended activities to another 5 states.Along with recruiting sufficient members.

Around and in Hyderabad ,Nayim assets revealed to be minimum 4 thousand crores.Investigations saying he has also two houses in Goa from where he was switching his pawns accordingly.All the Telugu news channels and papers have been full of the ongoing news details that coming out with spicy tinge.Nayim encountered on 8th of this month and these few days after that,story after story coming out with the names attached to the deceased ,interestingly there are some ministers ,Legislative members,Top Police officers and other ones among them.It shows how deeply the nefarious saga has its roots.

There are rumors spreading that threatening of some ruling party MLAs caused the killing of Nayimuddin.And one more thing is said that  he has been planning to enter state politics in the near future and that could be harmful for some top people to face him.Because secrets with him would also be dangerous if it revealed on occasions.Today's Sakshi( Telugu daily) has stepped further by placing an allegation made by a TRS leader that Nayimuddin had brought forth and fed by erstwhile Chandrababu government to crush his political rivals,let's wait for some more light on the issue.

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