Saturday, 17 September 2016

Are we not ashamed of it..?

We all possibly have read a news item  just a couple of days back  that a poor and ill fated Adivasi named Dana Majhi has been received a check for Rs.9 lakh from the king of Bahrain.That was a kind donation made by a person outside our country.That's great and worth mentioning his broad heart.At the same time,there was a question ringing in the bottom of our consciousness.What about our state( here Odisha)  and central administration..? and so called culture vultures..? why did not they come forward to help him before the announcement of Bahrain king..?How insensitive in practice,and high jargon in speeches..!Did not they get ashamed of being helped by a non Indian,for the misery of the son of this soil..?

Who is this Dana Majhi..? A poor guy belonged to the village of Melghar of Kalhandi district of Odisha.He was shot in to fame by featuring his plight of being unable to pay the ambulance ,instead,carrying the dead body of his wife for ten miles on his shoulders,along with his wailing daughter is really a scene of heart melting.Thanks for  uploading it on the social media which went unexpected shores.How many years we have been through the independent India ,alas,never bothered to see such a sorrow status from the remote corners of the country,then what is the meaning of freedom that we have achieved from others and what is the quality in our education system not to empathise his neighbour.

I seldom see some so called high profile educated and sophisticated people always go to remote areas of tribal people and tried to click photographs with them,for their unique dress,ornaments,features to be photographed for the sake of fashion statement.As we are the people of this country,don't we know the precise cause of their backwardness..? Help the people marginalised with possible education,employment and real spirit of upliftment instead of lip sympathy.Our country has become too politicised  to thrive wealth from marginalised sections and nobody likes to talk about it openly as it is a perennial  source of income.  

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