Thursday, 6 October 2016

Batukamma Festival : A Unique Identity of Telangana State

With attaining Telangana State, Batukamma festival surged up as its state official celebration.The festival is another name for the heartbeat of  the soil of this region.Batukamma has had almost  history of 1000 years and which is an undivided spirit of the people.To be brief, this is the festival of flowers of the season.All the required flowers can be collected to make a seven layer gopuram like on a plate.Tanner's Cassia (Tangedu),Marigold(Banthi),Indian Lotus(Tamara),Cucurbita (Gummadi puvu),Luffa(Beera Puvu) and other flowers would be collected and after  setting them in the plate in seven layers,Women folk,girls mainly take part in singing concerned songs with having circled around the Batukammas,these florals are treated as Batukamma,one should remember it.

This festival played a vital role in the struggle of  Telangana,people united and displayed Batukammas as their symbol of emotional oneness.As Tilak used Ganapathi navaratri festival to unite people,so it was used in the struggle of Telangana movement.More to say,the festival remained as all people's celebration ,cutting off all religion and Caste barriers.The nine day bound festival started on September 30 and closed on October 7 this year.See the effect of the state power,this time all the government offices without any exception are staging Batukamma festival.

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