Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Paulo Coelho

This time let me pick a saying of Paulo Coelho for the letter P.I have gone through some of his novels like Aleph and other ones.He writes in his mother tongue Potuguese and which turns in to English translatin,so that they came to us and have had a reading.Quintessentially one thing to note in his writings is simplicity in telling,particularly a complex thought.It seems easy outwardly but it needs a lot of experience and clarity of thought to mould in to the fasion.For example the lines cited in the above picture reveals the truth what I tried to write here.

Those who translates his novels in to English are looked remarkable persons to pour the sense of the words that have been written in the originals. Else, they would not have got an appreciation of the readers.Sometimes,simple comparisons indicate abstract meanings.Plot wise, not too great to say but there was some magic in his writing style that makes one to move further on his books.

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  1. I would love to read more books by him. I of course like everyone else read The Alchemist.


  2. Simplicity of thoughts and words is the key to his humongous popularity... :-)

  3. Even though the words can be simple...there can be so much deep meaning behind them.

  4. a so true proverb

    Have a wonderful ABC-day / - week
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  5. I have never read Paul Coelho but I like what I read about him from your post. Thanks for sharing.