Sunday, 27 November 2016

Odisha where I do not like most , a town

Some days back,  I have gone to Odisha state, especially Rayagada town.That place was decent many ways and prior to the place we could come across many scenic beauties without any doubt.Environment is safeguarded comparable. No doubt,but in the town among the people I observed a unique habit that was nothing but spitting.Why people spit automatically when they see others on the roads ,I don't understand it.People of orissa compared with many Indian states well versed in English and knew good habits always preferring to spit when  seeing other people.And road anywhere you see that signs ...!

I have gone to Rayagada Bus station.The building was constructed grandly perhaps with some lakhs but no neatness anywhere.Cow dung was seen everywhere in the building.In addition,other rubbish stuff..What government would do ,after construction in case it was not maintained well by people who are the ones to be there and have that bad odor...? 


  1. Most Indians lack basic civic sense. Very sad!

  2. Ewww...I hate this habit. But, as Indrani said, most Indians have this obnoxious habit of spitting on the roads!