Sunday, 29 January 2017

Special Status Agitation and results

"Jalli kattu"   issue made ripples in the history of civil movement.Especially after independence,this sort of united spirit of fighting has never been seen.Marina beach and Chennai came up again for a substantial reason.Even Apex court loosens its hold over the matter,in democracy,people are the prime concern.Proved once again,maybe there are various opinions, that's a different thing.Do you know one more thing on the same occasion..?With the success of Marina beach agitation,In Andhra too, a surge swept in the form of special status agitation which has  been promised by the central government when bifurcation had taken place and not fulfilled for different reasons.

On 26th of this month,people from various sections tried to protest on the same reason ,at the beach of Visakha patnam.First,it seemed as non political as Jallikattu but failed to invoke that spirit unfortunately.Telangana born actor Sampoornesh babu supported in person and was arrested.Pawan kalyan,Jagan etc., made it to turn political action,so  naturally ruling party has taken it seriously in crushing the agitation.Even TDP promised people in the time of elections to get special status from the center and remained calm due to its bonhomie with central government.

Ruling TDP party of AP crushed the agitation with police power deployed at Visakha area.Thus the so called Jalli kattu inspired agitation put out at its initial moments.All this seemed to prove AP does not have spirits to fight for a cause that benefits the entire state.Caste based politics almost bring the fate of  the state to its worst limit.Telangana is not so happy with its own kind of turbulence.Districts made triple to its original number of early days.No sufficient officers till now to move the administration at its comfort.

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